Opening Up: How To Develop Your Intuition and Work With Your Angels

3 June 2015

Opening Up: How To Develop Your Intuition And Work With Your Angels
by Lisa Driver
Published by DriverWorks Ink
Review by Shelley A. Leedahl
$19.95 ISBN 978-1-927570-13-5

Are you as happy as you’d like to be? I’m guessing that most would answer “no” to this glaring question, whether our challenges concern illness, loneliness, grief, financial woes, strained relationships, confidence issues, employment worries, addictions, or something altogether different. Of course many books promise happier, healthier living, but Lisa Driver’s Opening Up: How To Develop Your Intuition And Work With Your Angels takes a unique approach: it combines elements of Christianity (the author was raised in a Christian home and uses “God” to describe the “loving energy” we all share) and what some term “new age” beliefs, ie: developing intuition through meditation; using crystals; participating in Angel Tarot card readings, energy work, and Reiki; and recognizing when our angels are communicating with us.

Regina-born Driver was in transition in her own personal life – she’d had “about seven jobs in as many years” – when she attended a “Natural Health and Healing Expo” in her adopted city, Medicine Hat. There the “’regular’ Saskatchewan prairie girl” was introduced to an “angelic medium from Swift Current,” who professed that Driver was “meant to” become a spiritual coach who guided others via Angel Therapy. Driver was impressed by how much the medium articulated about the author’s life and desires. A book by Doreen Virtue confirmed Driver’s belief that “we are all connected and made of a loving energy and are meant to come together, to love each other, and enjoy each day on this beautiful planet.” Her studies continued with Virtue’s “Certified Angel Card Reader” and “Angel Therapy Practitioner” courses.

This candid guidebook is extremely positive about the improvements we can make in our lives, but emphasis is put on the fact that change doesn’t come of its own volition. Driver realized firsthand that “when you leap, the net appears.” Her big “leap” was starting her own business, “Flight of the Phoenix Spiritual Healing,” through which she offers mediumship readings, angel readings, and more. She writes: “know in your heart you are surrounded by departed loved ones, angels, archangels, and guides who are sending you energy, guidance, and love every day.”

In a chapter titled “The Ways We Can Talk To Heaven,” she discusses clairvoyance and its sisters, “claircognizance,” “clairaudience,” and “clairsentience,” and how everyone has some degree of intuition. In the chapter “Surrounded By Signs,” she suggests that we receive unexpected signs from our angels through the recurrence of certain objects in our lives, like coins, feathers, or dragonflies. These signs, she says, can be a response to questions we’ve asked the angels, and “can help [us] navigate through life and bring [us] peace.”

This subject matter may be new and surprising for some, and Driver accepts that “Not everyone is open to these ideas”. Her message is that life is a “tremendous miracle,” and her book and work are her attempts to help people experience more of this joyous miracle by connecting with the energies of others.

“Opening Up” is a beautiful concept, and this guidebook explains just how to do it.


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