Snow Shovelin’ Man
Miles of Smiles Publishing / 4 February 2020

Snow Shovelin’ Manby Bob KingPublished by Miles of Smiles PublishingReview by Toby A. Welch$20.00 ISBN 9780981121727 If you are looking for an escape from the suffering in the world and itching for some lighthearted fun, pick up a copy of Snow Shovelin’ Man. This book contains a wealth of Canadian-based humour.  Author Bob King has a fantastic sense of humour and it shines through from the first page to the back cover (where his author bio doubles as his future obituary – priceless!) His “Self-Evaluation Report” had me laughing so hard that I couldn’t catch my breath.  My favourite line: “Bob does still tend to worry too much sometimes. He pledges to correct this weakness now that he has become more familiar with reality.” And I love that King believes, “…maybe it is my purpose in life to cause women to shake their heads.” ROFL! Of the 23 songs and snippets in this book, “Awesome Dude” is my favourite. Who doesn’t love a song about growing up in the 1990s, regardless of whether it was us or our children who did so.  King is refreshing, finding pleasure in things that few of us ponder. Take breathing, for example. He spends…

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