The Secret of the Stone Circle
Coteau Books / 28 January 2011

In Silverthorne’s latest book, the prolific and award-winning Regina writer again introduces readers to a contemporary character who travels back in time. Young Emily, the likeable protagonist, travels to Scotland to spend time with her geologist father (whom she’s not seen since her parents decided to divorce, months before), and to learn more about her family’s Scottish ancestry. Before leaving, however, she finds a hand mirror – “with intricate filigree metalwork and inlaid stones” – in her recently-deceased grandmother’s home, and the image in the mirror is not Emily’s own.

The Leadership Formula
Dakota Publishing / 18 January 2011

The Leadership Formula by Terry Tuharsky Review by Karen Lawson Published by Dakota Publishing $20.00 ISBN 978-0-9865959-0-5 The Leadership Formula is a must have reference guide for anyone who wants to become a more effective leader. It incorporates a vast array of ideas, suggestions, and knowledge. Terry Tuharsky is a business consultant and writer who lives in Regina. His successful business career has given him the necessary credentials to write a book full of valuable information. His own personal success is reflected in the wealth of information he imparts to his readers. The Leadership Formula outlines leadership in a matter of fact, step by step way. The first part of the book is devoted to the subject of universal politics and how they are part of our culture and community. In order to become a successful leader, it is imperative that one understands how the politics of any organization work. Anyone from an employee climbing the career ladder to the CEO of a company or organization can utilize this knowledge and use it to become a more productive and effective leader. The Leadership Formula is a serious book about a serious topic but there are elements of humour scattered throughout…

Red Smoke Rising
Basket Case Publishing / 12 January 2011

Red Smoke Rising by Rick Anthony Published by Basket Case Publishing Review by Rudolf Sandmeier $10.99 ISBN: 978-0-9866661-0-0 When I first heard of Rick Anthony’s Red Smoke Rising it was described to me as “a good rip of a read” and it did not disappoint. Each chapter is a rapid sequence of action-packed episodes and builds to a climax that takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride, zipping through its course. There is always the risk in books that move at this pace that the reader could be simply overwhelmed by the plot. However, Anthony handles this element admirably and is able to keep everything rolling together quite smoothly. Somewhat conversely, another reason why the novel is successful is the economy of language Anthony employs – while he has a lot going on he doesn’t use an excess of words to describe the action. These two characteristics combine to benefit the novel as a whole – Red Smoke Rising clocks in at over 300 pages but it simply doesn’t feel that long when reading it. In the end, Anthony’s efforts have produced a well-balanced and efficient work. We’re plunked down in the middle of the action as the novel begins…

Baba’s Babushka

Baba’s Babushka by Marion Mutala Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing Review by Karen Lawson $14.95 ISBN 978-1-894431-53-8 Baba’s Babushka is a delightful Christmas tale written by Saskatchewan author Marion Mutala. She has created a charming story that celebrates her proud Ukrainian heritage and lives up to the subtitle of her book, “A Magical Ukrainian Christmas.” Natalia, the star of this lively story, is a little Ukrainian girl living in rural Saskatchewan who is taken, with the reader, on an enchanted journey back in time. Although Natalia is excited, like all children, about Christmas, her joy is marred by a deep sadness. This will be the first Christmas that her beloved grandmother, Baba, will not be present to share in the fun, festivities, and traditions of Christmas with her family. One day a brightly-coloured red and blue babushka, or headscarf, appears out of nowhere that reminds Natalia of the one her Baba used to wear. Mysteriously transported to another time and place, Natalia finds herself sharing a meal with a strangely familiar family who perform all the same Christmas Eve traditions her own family does. Though she is unsure why, Natalia feels very close and connected to another little girl…