I Am Hutterite
Polka Dot Press / 27 March 2009

Fascinating, sincere and moving are only a few of the words to describe “I Am Hutterite.” Throughout this insightful memoir, Mary-Ann Kirkby transports the reader into the complex lifestyle of her heritage, which is one that is normally hidden to the outside world. She does it in a way that is intriguing, perceptive and sometimes humorous.

Thistledown Press / 11 March 2009

Offside by Cathy Beveridge Published by Thistledown Press Review by Karen Lawson ISBN 1894345258 Offside is a fast moving novel that is geared to young adolescents. Calgary writer, Cathy Beveridge, has a keen understanding of her target audience. She uses this insight to enter the world of amateur hockey and examine the various issues that are part of Canada’s favourite game. Although Offside is a work of fiction, it is actually based on real events that happened in the hockey world. The main character is Joel, who is grappling with growing up and facing the concerns and problems that most teenagers face. The reader watches as Joel tries to be part of a winning team and gain the acceptance of his peers. However, he soon realizes that he must follow his conscience and do the right thing. This story is relevant because it deals with the complications of adolescence and the trials and tribulations of growing up in today’s competitive society. The author uses subtle humour to delve into the serious consequences of drug dependency in amateur sports. Initially, Offside seems to be a light hearted novel. But it quickly becomes apparent that there are deeper issues that provide the…

The Joy of Travel II
Darlene Kidd / 4 March 2009

The Joy of Travel II is an eclectic mix of random stories, poems and recollections. They span from the early 1900s to the present day. Author Darlene Ingram Kidd gathered these memoirs as ones that were special to herself and her associates. Those who like ‘down home’ stories will find many to which they will relate. These anecdotes and poetic jottings may also trigger memories of a reader’s own.