Eat Away Illness, Second Edition

16 December 2009

Eat Away Illness, Second Edition
by Paulette Millis
Published by Soul Food Publishing
Review by Karen Lawson
$47.50 ISBN 978-0-9683647-3-4

Here is a book that takes a common sense approach to nutrition. In today’s fast paced, fast food society, it is often difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. It is even harder to sort through the vast amount of information about nutrition that is available.

Paulette Millis is a Registered Nutritional Consultant who has written a book that will appeal to everyone who wants to change the way that they eat. Eat Away Illness is a must have reference book that looks at ways to eat well and improve one’s health. It is chock full of valuable information and suggestions for anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition.

The author has faced a variety of her own health issues, which was the impetus behind writing her book. The focus of Eat Away Illness is to make people aware of the importance of proper nutrition and how healthy foods can not only maintain and improve health, but also help to heal the body and mind.

Eat Away Illness is much more than just a cookbook. All the recipes use healthy, natural ingredients. Many of them are gluten free and dairy free. Most of them use simple and organic ingredients. But Millis goes one step further and combines useful and important information about how to be aware and knowledgeable about nutrition and includes ways to improve one’s overall health and well being.

This user friendly cookbook and nutritional guide is a valuable resource for anyone who not only loves to cook but wants to make a conscious effort in choosing foods that are healthy and provide proper nutrition.


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