Family Christmas

9 December 2009

“Family Christmas”
by Fawn Nielsen
Published by Hear My Heart Books Inc.
Review by Andréa Ledding
$14.99 978-0-9811367-0-7

This durable coil-bound book, described by the author as a “living journal”, provides a place for families to record family traditions, hopes, dreams, wishes, and even New Year’s Resolutions. Some pages are left blank with only a heading, while others contain lines for family members to write together what the holiday means to them, treasured moments, or memorable gifts. There are pages for planning, recipes, memories, and reflections on the past year. There are spaces to record highlights for both adult and children, and space to reflect on growth, regrets, and accomplishments. Some pages are set aside for family pictures, unique traditions, and even a page for small children to colour.

It’s hard to write a review on a book which has yet to be written – each journal will be unique to the family which creates it, beginning with the first page in which they are invited to create an acrostic representing their family name. But it’s easy to imagine families filling out this book together over the holiday season, and being delighted to come across it every subsequent year, tucked away in the ornament box….and, if they’ve left themselves room, adding to it as the years go on. The completion of this book becomes a living tradition of its own, and a keepsake that can be easily tucked away until the next Christmas season – when it is time to cherish what has passed, and savour what is yet to come.


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