You Are Enough

31 May 2023

You Are Enough: Activate Your Angels & Magnetize a Soul-FULL Life
by Lisa Driver
Published by DriverWorks Ink
Review by Toby A. Welch
$24.95 ISBN 9781927570784

Every once in a while a book comes along that you didn’t know you needed but you do. You Are Enough is that book for me.

In a very condensed nutshell, this spiritual guidebook covers how to get in touch with your angels so you can let go of your past and your current pressures in order to believe that you are loved and supported (and ultimately that You Are Enough.) Author Lisa Driver helps you accomplish this through the use of spiritual tools like meditations, exercises, and angel activations. It does make sense as you work your way through the book, I promise! 

Driver mentions in her introduction that she worked on this book for almost four years and it shows. It is a dense read filled with a tremendous amount of information: that is a great thing for readers who like to delve deep into a topic.

Fans of journaling will be pulling out their pens and notebooks as they go through You Are Enough. You’ll find journal prompts scattered throughout the book that are juicy and dig into compelling stuff. One of my favorites was in the chapter titled Love Who You See In The Mirror: “What are some of the amazing things your body has helped you survive? What are some of the miraculous things your body has done?” Another prompt favourite was in a chapter dealing with sending healing light to your lovers: “How are my self-sabotaging tendencies getting in the way of me being vulnerable in my romantic life?”

 I have always wanted to deepen my intuition but was clueless how to make that happen. If that has been a goal of yours, too, this book will help with that.

Readers will find affirmations scattered throughout the book. Driver recommends you use them to combat thoughts of unworthiness. As she points out, “The words you say matter.” I agree! I valued her suggested affirmations and resonated with one in particular: “I have all I need in this moment. I am beautiful and radiant. I accept and love myself, just as I am.”

I can see You Are Enough filling different needs for different people. For some readers, it will be a reminder to slow down in this chaotic world, a nudge to just ‘be’ sometimes. Readers suffering with past traumas may find this book helpful on their quest for healing. Those looking to improve their financial situation may be drawn to the chapter on ways to be wealthier. If you are feeling exhausted and/or stuck, you may find help in these pages. There truly is something in this book for everyone. 

Driver previously published three other spiritual-themed guidebooks; You Are Enough is her fourth book. I hope she has more to come! 


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