We Want You To Know: Kids Talk About Bullying

2 March 2012

We Want You to Know :Kids Talk About Bullying
by Deborah Ellis
Published by Coteau Books
Review by Donna Gudjonson
$14.95 ISBN 978-1-55050-463-7

All of us have experienced some form of bullying at some time in our lives. Recently this problem has come under the spotlight with cyber-bullying being blamed for several suicides of young people.

Internationally acclaimed author Deborah Ellis has compiled the stories of students between the ages of nine and nineteen and gives an in-depth insight into this problem. The stories are candid and give voice to what is really happening in schools to our kids. Each story describes the experience of the person being bullied, how they felt, and what they did to cope. At the end of each story there are discussion questions to promote awareness and empathy.

As I read the stories I was drawn back to my own childhood memories of being bullied and excluded by my cousin. We were close in age and in the same grade all through school in a small town. On many occasions she coerced the other girls to shun me. When I finally talked to my mother about it she helped me to find a solution. I found new friends that year and pretty much left my bully in the dust.

Bullying does not have to be tolerated. Today we can talk about it, we can listen to our kids and try to find ways to educate and support our youth and draw awareness to the problem. This book would be an excellent read for parents, teachers and students. There is a free, downloadable teacher’s guide available to go with the workbook.


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