Another Angel of Love

2 March 2012

Another Angel of Love
by Henry Ripplinger
Published by Pio-Seelos Books
Review by Gail Jansen
$21.95 ISBN: 978-0-9865424-2-8

The second in the five-part Angelic Letters Series, Another Angel of Love is a book that is more than able to stand all on its own, as it continues the story of Henry and Jenny and the stories of the people that surround them.

This is less a novel that preaches, and more one that shares its knowledge, no matter what your faith or religious beliefs. The lessons on love, human kindness, and life that are expertly interwoven throughout this tale are ones that hold true across the spectrum of humanity.

Like a good wine, a good author often takes time to develop to his or her full potential, but Ripplinger, despite his newness to the craft, seems to have avoided many of the pitfalls of new writers, who often leave their readers to struggle through a story with a good premise but poor delivery. Instead, he has somehow managed to combine both the freshness of a new voice with the maturity of great storyteller.

While Another Angel of Love is billed as a romance, Ripplinger’s willingness to tackle so many difficult subject matters including death, infidelity, addiction and more makes this more the self-development book he says he always wanted to write. Yet somehow the core of his pure and simple story of two young lovers torn apart is able to stay true to itself, and you get that ever-hopeful feeling that love will conquer all, that you’d get from any romance.

Whether you are a romantic or not, religious or not, Another Angel of Love has the power to make you view the world, with just a little more hope and a little more love. And who couldn’t use more of both?

“It’s not the person’s name or who said it or the school of thought that is important, but rather the lesson on life that is taught.” – Mr. Engelmann.


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