Stroke Prevention Naturally: Proven Non-Pharmaceutical Stroke Avoidance Strategies

18 January 2012

Stroke Prevention Naturally: Proven Non-Pharmaceutical Stroke Avoidance Strategies
by Felix Veloso, M.D. F.R.C.P.(C), F.A.A.N.
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Review by Y.M. Smith
$18.88 ISBN 978-1-894431-57-6

Stroke, brain attack, and cerebrovascular accident all mean the same thing – interruption of blood flow to the brain. Dr. Felix Veloso, a neurologist and clinical professor in Regina SK, has witnessed the devastation of stroke to patients and their families countless times in his over 40 years of practice. “Stroke is the leading cause of permanent disability” and the “second leading cause of death worldwide.” Yet there is a bright light in this picture. “Studies continue to confirm that a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of stroke by up to 90%.” And at the same time a stroke is being prevented, heart attack and vascular dementia are also being prevented. In addition to the improved quality of life for people, imagine the impact on our healthcare system. “In Canada, direct and indirect cost of stroke is at least three billion dollars yearly and climbing.”

Dr. Veloso is passionate in his belief that the general population be active participants in decisions that impact their health; give people the knowledge they need to make good decisions. Non-drug strategies are covered because they are available to everyone, low or no-cost, and have no negative side-effects. While drugs certainly have their place with regards to treatment of stroke and heart attack, they are not without risk. Side-effects can range from mild to uncomfortable, and although rare, can result in death. Why treat these illnesses if we can prevent them?

Stroke Prevention Naturally is a motivating book packed full of useful and interesting information for readers of all ages in the life-long quest to prevent strokes. A sample of the extensive number of topic areas include: controllable and uncontrollable risk factors for stroke, symptoms of stroke, smoking cessation, genetics, diabetes, dental hygiene, obesity, and Tai Chi. This book is also a great resource for helpful hints such as how to convert sodium content to salt content, easy formulas to calculate caloric intake, using the glycemic index to control blood sugar, and how to brew different types of tea for maximum health benefit.

The information in the book is presented as part story, part question and answer as Dr. Veloso reflects on his experiences and various concerns of patients. The topics are presented clearly, medical terminology is well defined, and there is a logical progression of subjects. A summary of important points is provided at the end of each chapter and an impressive glossary and subject index is available for quick reference.


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