Storms and Scarabs

6 March 2024

Storms and Scarabs
by H. R. Hobbs
Published by H. R. Hobbs Books
Review by Toby A. Welch  
$15.00 ISBN 9780995344860

My first question when coming across Storms and Scarabs was: what the heck is a scarab? For those like me who were clueless, a scarab is an ancient Egyptian gem, one that was typically in the shape of a scarab beetle. As foreshadowed by the word in the title, scarabs play a vital role in this interesting fiction read. 

Storms and Scarabs revolves around sixth-grade best friends, Mitch and Brock, who are thrown back in time thousands of years. They arrive in ancient Egypt via a portal to the past. Luckily they come across a man who has encountered people like them before, people who’ve “visited from the Great Beyond.” What comes next is a gripping journey involving an embalming shop, an amulet, a sarcophagus (a big stone container that holds a coffin), a Pharaoh and his family, and numerous other historical aspects. A spyglass plays a key role, almost becoming a character itself. The boys struggle to get back to modern times but I won’t ruin the ending by telling you if they make it or not – you’re welcome!

I would wager that this book is targeted for the young adult audience but I believe that anyone of any age will enjoy Storms and Scarabs. It has a powerful and ageless message at its core – your voice is important and you are seen. Another bonus – who doesn’t appreciate an entertaining read.

Hobbs did a phenomenal job of making ancient Egypt come alive for the readers. I could easily envision the people dressed in loose-fitting clothes and sandals, baskets of fruit and grains on their heads. Outdoor markets flourished. Drinking vessels were crafted from gourds and plates were made of leather. Pharaoh was the ruler. People and their items got around via carts pulled by either animals or humans. Soldiers and guards carried shields, spears, and swords. Papyrus was for writing on (traditional paper was still a far-off invention.) Hieroglyphs, an ancient form of writing that used symbols and pictures instead of words, were the language of written communication. What a fascinating time in our world’s history.

Storms and Scarabs is the first book in Hobbs’ new series, Time Chasers. That is great news for those of us who thoroughly enjoyed Storms and Scarabs and can’t wait for more. Hobbs’ last series, Breaking the Rules, had three books. Hopefully the Time Chasers series will have at least that many or more.

If you enjoy reading books like The Magic Tree House and The Time Warp Trio, grab yourself a copy of Storms and Scarabs. Every action-filled page will come to life in your hands. 


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