Cowpies and Lies

21 March 2024

Dysfunctional Regulatory Bodies: Cowpies and Lies
by D. R. Cameron
Published by Cameron Narratives
Review by Toby A. Welch  
$24.99 ISBN 9781738687725

Last year I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dysfunctional Regulatory Bodies: Scarecrows and Stupidity. So when I received a copy of its sequel, Dysfunctional Regulatory Bodies: Cowpies and Lies, I couldn’t wait to dig in. 

Like its predecessor, Cowpies and Lies is a humorous satire poking at regulatory bodies. Three self-regulatory bodies are given character designations and a story plays out that involves a Tea Party, a subsequent inquisition, and shifting bylaws. Cowpies and Lies picks up where the first book concluded. BruceG is a main character in this book, just as he was in Scarecrows and Stupidity, and he still resides in the imaginary Kingdom of Aspen. He gets drawn into changes being made as to how the environment ministry (Ministry of GoodforAll) handles projects. BruceG must deal with the ensuing bureaucracy and drama in the environmental realm. 

BruceG is still a fascinating character. He grew up a farm boy with a traditional rural upbringing. He went to university and became an expert in soil, crops, and hydrology with a PhD in Watershed Science. He continued farming as an adult with a family of his own. He started an environmental consulting firm before becoming enmeshed with the Ministry of GoodforAll. What BruceG goes through is an intriguing tale. 

Like in Scarecrows and Stupidity, each chapter begins with dysfunctionality questions for you to keep in mind as you read the next few pages. The questions are handy arrows that point readers to what to be aware of. It’s a small feature in the book but a very helpful one.

While Cameron tied the events up with a neat bow and didn’t leave loose ends, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took one of the tangents and ran with it for a third book in the Dysfunctional Regulatory Bodies series. That would be a bonus for us readers! 

Before jumping into Cowpies and Lies, take a moment to check out the List of Professional Designations and the List of Acronyms at the front of the book (on pages i and ii before page one where the story begins.) Studying the two lists will make it easier to understand what is going on in the story. (For example, the G in BruceG denotes that he is a Grower. TinkleP is a Prosecutor, LOD is the League of Dentists, and QP is a Qualified Person.)

It is evident as you work through Cowpies and Lies that Cameron has an intimate and deep knowledge of regulatory bodies. It turns out that he was involved with his local professional regulatory body; that experience shines through in every page.

If you like reading satirical works, clear a spot on your bookshelf for Dysfunctional Regulatory Bodies: Cowpies and Lies


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