Sacred Geometry for the Soul, Volume 1

9 March 2023

Sacred Geometry for the Soul: Volume 1
by Ann Chatfield
Published by Wood Dragon Books
Review by Toby A. Welch
$39.99 ISBN 9781990863066

What a beautiful book – every page is a feast for the eyes!

For those who think this may be a book about math, it’s actually more about mandalas. Sacred geometry is the practice of attaching sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and their architectural proportions. It has its foundation in nature and the mathematical principles at play there. The circle, for example, typically plays a huge role in sacred geometry. 

In case that isn’t clear, Chatfield explains in this book that sacred geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things in our universe and beyond. To truly cover the depth of this topic, it would take a lot more space than this review provides.

Diving into the book, once you get past Chatfield’s story, she covers numerous topics: her explanation of the Akashic Records; descriptions of the symbols, crystals, and numbers used in her mandalas; the meanings and energy of colours; the seven basic chakras; and how to use mandalas for meditation. The rest of the book displays 63 mandalas that Chatfield created. Each one takes up an entire page with another page dedicated to a write-up about that mandala. 

Since reading this book, I have been seeing mandalas everywhere. They are popping up as art on people’s walls, stickers on vehicle windows, and tattooed on different body parts. The yoga studio I frequent has a vibrant mandala of the flower of life, one of the oldest sacred geometry shapes – so cool! 

I find myself returning to this book time and time again to study the mandalas. Every one of them is memorable in its own way. Sometimes the colours pull me in and sometimes it’s the shapes or the patterns that get to me. I narrowed it down to two of the 63 mandalas that I like the best, unable to choose just one. The Northern Lights mandala has amazing multiple dimensions whereas the Deep Within mandala is a vibrant pink colour with a creative use of shapes. 

Ann Chatfield has the credentials to write this book. She has studied it all: religion, educational kinesiology, crystals, Reiki, new age systems, and a slew of other practices. Chatfield could see energies from an early age (for example: rainbow auras around swimming frogs and flowers glowing with light and energy.) She has devoted her life from an early age to the practices and principles she covers in Sacred Geometry for the Soul: Volume 1

If you have any interest in energies and mandalas, this book will be priceless. Since it says ‘Volume 1’ in the title, I hope that means a second volume will be coming soon. If it does, I will be one of the first to snag a copy.  


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