Last Green Dragon, The

24 February 2023

The Last Green Dragon
by Rud Verhagen
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Review by Michelle Shaw
$19.95 ISBN 9781988783918

The Last Green Dragon is a magical tale of courage, mystery and adventure between two very unlikely friends.

Gus is a green dragon who has been raised by a pair of owls since he was a hatchling. Ev is a young girl who was left on the doorstep of a kind old lady named Granny Jenkins when she was a baby. But thanks to a magical opening in Ev’s backyard the two meet and become friends.

Although they don’t know it, they are both on a quest and it’s only by joining together that they will each be able to unlock the secrets of their past. Both Gus and Ev are prepared to sacrifice something precious to help the other and they encourage each other when the challenges seem too hard. But just when their friendship seems unbreakable there’s a shocking discovery at the end of the book that threatens to destroy it forever.

Fantasy is not usually my go-to genre, but I was absolutely delighted by The Last Green Dragon. Gus and Ev are interesting characters who each have their own personal challenges to overcome. The book is full of wonderful details that draw you into the story and make it all seem believable. We learn about the magical power of dragon teeth, the dreadful dangers of dragonfish who lurk beneath Wing Song Lake and the frightening Commander Grim, leader of the fearsome Grogs. The words flow easily and the book’s short chapters are ideal for young readers.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Green Dragon and I’m delighted to know that Gus and Ev may have more adventures in the future.

This is Rud Verhagen’s first book. It was a finalist in CANSCAIP’s 2020 Writing for Children competition. She lives on Vancouver Island with her family.


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