Autumn Wind

29 June 2011

“Autumn Wind”
by Eusebio L. Koh
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Review by Karen Lawson
$14.95 ISBN 978-1-894431-45-3

Eusebio L. Koh spent many years ensconced within the walls of academia. He is a former university professor who taught Mathematics at the University of Regina. After retiring, his passion for writing snowballed into a desire to share his thoughts and ideas. He received positive feedback from his first book, Like the Mimosa , and he was inspired to write a second book. This latest offering is called Autumn Wind, and like his first book, it is a collection of short stories, poems and essays.

The poems and stories are touching and heartwarming. Koh chooses subjects that are dear to his heart and are easy for the reader to relate to and identify with. From the simple joy of picking Saskatoon berries, to the deep love for his grandson, the author taps into his sensitive side and reveals a part of himself through his expressive language and his ability to tell a story that flows effortlessly. Koh shares his emotions and feelings in an honest, open way. He has that special gift that makes a writer endearing to his readers – he is a natural storyteller.

His love of Canada is apparent by the many positive references he makes to his adopted homeland. He was born in the Philippines and his loyalty and attachment to that country is evident throughout the book. Koh shares many tidbits of information about the culture of his country of origin. He also discusses the challenges of adapting and adjusting to living in another country.

The author has opened his heart and his mind to his readers. Autumn Wind is an interesting book with a new surprise on every page.


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