Wild Justice

8 July 2008

Wild Justice
by Les Langager
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Reviewed by Tim Tokaryk
$19.95 ISBN 978-1-894431-11-8

Les Langager’s first book, Wild Justice betrays its prairie, western title with espionage and international intrigue. In a series of intertwining characters from Israel, Alberta, and Saskatchewan’s north, the patterns don’t seem clear at first. But as the tale unfolds the connections made in the past come back to haunt and bless us at the same time. For we know not what fate has in store for us until we see it for what it is.

Rookie Constable Al Stava, ex-hockey jock and all-round good guy, is fast tracked through the early part of RCMP career, with stalwart character and aptitude. His first major case, dealing with a vengeful psychotic who captures youthful news photographer Jill Monroe, ends with a shoot-’em-up chase across the prairies. The chance meeting would alter Stava’s life forever. Meanwhile, thousands of kilometers away a plot is hatched to steal something more tangible, more dangerous from an inconspicuous northern prairie community, a place the Canadian government doesn’t want anyone to know about. And even in the apparent ghost town, it isn’t “[a]nother typical day at Canada’s secret military installation.”

Amazingly, all these stories verge on a single, potential catastrophic event that can turn civilization into barbaric stone-agers. Langager’s ability to hold the weave apart until the exact moment is excruciatingly rewarding. With a rich set up and quick dialogue, the weave captures how tied we are together, whether in a small community, or in countries around the world. Wild Justice is a surprise, right until the end.


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