The Joy of Travel II

4 March 2009

The Joy of Travel II
by Darlene Ingram Kidd
Published by Darlene Ingram Kidd
Review by Judith Silverthorne
$10.00 ISBN 0-98113000-3

The Joy of Travel II is an eclectic mix of random stories, poems and recollections. They span from the early 1900s to the present day. Author Darlene Ingram Kidd gathered these memoirs as ones that were special to herself and her associates. Those who like ‘down home’ stories will find many to which they will relate. These anecdotes and poetic jottings may also trigger memories of a reader’s own.

Although they are not in any particular sequence, nor do they follow anyone in particular, the individual entries do have familiar names woven throughout the length of the book. Some are about people who are related, while others seem about those more distant. Light-hearted reading, this collection features travel adventures and misadventures. Some take place close to home in rural Saskatchewan. Others are in different parts of the globe in intriguing and historical spots.

There are also entertaining stories about relationships, and those about hometown experiences and special events. Common and unique vistas, prairie landscapes and world heritage sites are all featured. Life’s idiosyncrasies, coincidences and instances of particular note find their way into this diverse compilation.

This book is sequel to the Joy of Travel. Many may already be familiar with this cheerful writing style and brand of amusing tales. The author provides a wide selection of insights into travelling to different countries. She notes the positive and negative side of her experiences. Other stories relay the unexpected, the unfamiliar, and the wonder of what one may encounter while travelling. By reading this collection, one may even be convinced that travelling is something to undertake for the sense of adventure.


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  • Darlene Kidd 26 November 2009 at 5:40 pm

    Thanks, Judith, for your book review, such an accurate appraisal (I think), and for your kind, kind words.