Ten Little Ladybugs in My Jar/My Mummy Couldn’t Read

25 June 2008

Ten Little Ladybugs in My Jar
$9.99 ISBN 0-9781874-0-7


My Mummy Couldn’t Read
$9.99 ISBN 978-0-9781874-1-5
by Carey Rigby-Wilcox
Published by See A Book Take A Look
Review by Sharon Adam

These two delightful children’s books are fun to read and the author’s illustrations add to the enjoyment of the stories. There are lessons in both books for children and adults alike. In Ten Little Ladybugs in My Jar, the author shows that when you allow the ladybugs the choice to stay or go, they may leave, but they may also come back. This is a life lesson that many adults need to learn as well as children.

In My Mummy Couldn’t Read, we share the author’s own story of her struggle to learn to read. She was determined to overcome the barrier of illiteracy and with the help of a tutor, mastered reading and went on to publish these two books.

Ms. Rigby-Wilcox is a self-taught artist as well as a writer. These titles are part of a series that the author is working on to encourage others who may have experienced the same obstacles in their journey to read. Through her own experience she shares the rewards of mastering literacy and the gift that it passes on to the next generation. The books are fun and colourful, easy for beginning readers, and will bring a smile to older adults as well.


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