Racing Home

29 February 2012

Racing Home
By Adele Dueck
Published by Coteau Books
Reviewed by Jessica Eissfeldt
Price $8.95 ISBN: 978-1-55050-450-7

Author Adele Dueck skillfully weaves Norwegian culture and heritage into this coming-of-age story set during the Prairie pioneer days near Hanley, Saskatchewan. Intertwining the soul of the Prairies with the determination of thirteen-year-old Erik Bekker, this tale clearly shows how the human spirit prevails.

Arriving from Norway, Erik at first is disappointed in the new province. No tall trees, no mountains and no ocean. Worse yet, he sees no way to get to his goal of becoming a farmer like his grandfather. And with a new stepfather named Rolf, Erik wonders how he can possibly adjust. But adjust he does. He even grows to appreciate the prairie beauty while he learns to build a sod house, thresh wheat and build a fence. He even plants trees. But just as he’s settling in to his new prairie life, his half-brother Olaf seems to become more and more mysterious – slipping away at odd hours and having little to do with his father, Rolf, Erik’s stepfather. Though it’s a tale of true pioneering spirit aimed at middle-grade readers, children of all ages are sure to root for Erik as he grows and changes right along with the prairie seasons – from spring to summer and then into fall and winter. With each change, Erik himself learns more and more.

Find out if Erik’s determination and spirit will prevail by picking up Racing Home.


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