My Sweet Curiosity

16 March 2010

My Sweet Curiosity
by Amanda Hale
Published by Thistledown Press
Review by Karen Lawson
$19.95 ISBN 978-1-897235-61-4

Amanda Hale’s third novel is a complex work that combines many different elements and themes. She has taken a variety of threads and woven them into an intricate tapestry that will keep the reader wanting more with every page.

My Sweet Curiosity contains several plots and is set not only in different countries but also spans many centuries. The author incorporates historical facts from the sixteenth century with a contemporary story line to create a fast moving saga that contains few boundaries.

The main characters of this novel live in present day Toronto. Talya is a young, energetic, medical student. Dai Ling is a talented cello player. Destiny brings them together and their lives become intertwined. Both young women are the daughters of immigrant parents. This complicates their relationship and adds another layer to the story. Both characters are struggling with their own personal issues and coming to terms with who they are and what their purpose in life is. Talya becomes obsessed not only with Dai Ling, but with a book of anatomical drawings compiled by a doctor by the name of Andreas Vesalius. He was a prominent Italian surgeon who revolutionized the study of medicine and anatomy during the Renaissance period.

My Sweet Curiosity flows seamlessly from one time period to another while providing interesting insight into how the physical body is connected to emotions and spirituality. Amanda Hale is a gifted storyteller who has tapped into her own curiosity to create a book that will spark the curiosity in her readers.


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