Molly’s Cue

12 October 2011

Molly’s Cue
by Alison Acheson
Published by Coteau Books
Review by Karen Lawson
$12.95 ISBN 978-1-55050430-9

Molly Gumley believes that it is her destiny to become an actor. Now that she has begun high school, she is enthusiastically and confidently pursues her dream by getting immersed in drama class and school theatrical productions. Molly has been inspired by her adored grandmother to perform since she was a little girl. Now, her dear Grand is gone, and Molly feels she must carry on the dream that they shared. But her confidence is soon shaken as the reality of being on stage hits her. She is confused and feels like a failure and a disappointment to her family. Molly turns to her eccentric best friend Candace and her new friends Julian and Caleb for support. They help her to figure out why she is suddenly so afraid to follow the path she was once so sure of. Eventually, they guide her in a new direction that will fulfill her in a way that she has never dreamed of.

Alison Acheson has penned a realistic and down to earth young adult novel called Molly’s Cue and created likeable personalities that the reader immediately connects with. She introduces a tightly knit cast of characters of all different ages and backgrounds that are all intertwined at some level.

The adults in this story also play prominent roles that add interesting layers to Molly’s dilemma. They have their own sets of problems that they are grappling with. Acheson cleverly meshes the issues of all the characters and effectively shows that being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean that you have your life carefully mapped out and always make the right choices. Uncle Early is an old hippie who has spent his life avoiding responsibility and putting down roots. Candace’s forty something single mother is pregnant and won’t reveal who the father is. Molly’s mother is a widow trying to balance her own life amid the turmoil within her family.

Molly’s Cue is an engaging book that will leave the reader wanting to know more about what happens not only to Molly but to the rest of the characters. Hopefully, Acheson will consider a sequel and take Molly on the next journey of her life.


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