Mark the Manitoba Moose

25 November 2021

Mark the Manitoba Moose
by Sharla Griffiths
Published by Sharla Griffiths
Review by Amanda Zimmerman
$17.00 ISBN 9781999560034

Sharla Griffiths, an author and illustrator residing outside of Regina, SK, once again dazzles readers with bold colours, soft landscapes, and lovable characters in her newest picture book, Mark the Manitoba Moose. Revisiting the same recognizable style as her previous books Six Saskatchewan Bunnies and Colour YQR, Griffiths brings an airy feel to this third story, weaving in simple, eye-catching details on every page to surprise and delight. There is a purity – a childlike innocence – in her pictures which easily transports older readers back to more imaginative days. All ages will enjoy this story!

However, the winsome illustrations are only a portion of Mark the Manitoba’s Moose’s literary charm. This lighthearted adventure features a very determined moose named Mark in his search for his missing animal friends. As he traipses across one of our prairie provinces, he encounters a variety of beautiful landmarks that locals are sure to know. Nature lovers will be particularly pleased that most of Griffith’s chosen spaces are outside. Mark gathers help from those that live in or near these special places and even brings some of them along with him to his ultimate destination- a spot only revealed at the very end. The author’s choice to relay her story in rhyme adds another layer of enjoyment and, although some of the stanzas are short a few syllables to match completely, it fortunately doesn’t take attention away from Mark’s quest. For those who aren’t very familiar with Manitoba, Griffiths thoughtfully includes a map with all the story’s markers after her story’s conclusion.

Parents and caregivers will appreciate not only the light, educational lessons throughout, but also this last effort to include all (locals, tourists, and those who haven’t visited Manitoba) in her tale.


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