Making A Difference

7 January 2009

Making a Difference
by Eric Cline
Published by Thistledown Press
Review by Judith Silverthorne
$16.95 ISBN 978-1-897235-45-4

Books about politics are rarely very easy to read, but Making A Difference is a fine exception. Eric Cline’s reflections on his personal and political life are insightful and enlightening. Some of his stories are surprising nuggets of information about his personal life. Others are intriguing inside knowledge about behind-the-scenes in politics. All are entertaining and personable. The telling of his life is open and sincere.

Cline’s candid reflections span from his early years as a teenager interested in politics to the conclusion of his sixteen year run as an elected official. He relates incidents about campaigning, becoming a backbencher MLA, and his role as a cabinet minister. His insights capture both successes and losses in his personal and professional life. He dips into hot issues, events and media coverage episodes, viewing the outcomes of each as a life lesson.

Cline also gives his opinions on controversial and popular issues. He gives clarity about stories in the media. He talks about the toll his career took on his personal life and the hopes and dreams he had as a politician. He relates humorous and embarrassing encounters, travel stories and human interest material. He reveals the many challenges and victories involved in working in a governing role.

All of this adds up to a highly readable memoir filled with wit and warmth. Cline’s ‘down to earth’ personal revelations provide a deeper understanding of the commitments he made and the role he played as a high-profile politician. And it sets his record straight.


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