Make A Rabbit

8 June 2011

Make a Rabbit
by Mary-Ann Kirkby
Review by Karen Lawson
Published by Polka Dot Press
$18.95 ISBN 978-0-9783405-2-0

Make a Rabbit is a delightful children’s book that will capture your heart from the first page. The first look at the title may have you reaching for scissors and glue but no, Make a Rabbit is not a children’s craft book. The term is a Hutterite expression that gently and delicately explains the rite of passage that every toddler goes through when he is ready to leave the world of diapers behind.

Mary-Ann Kirkby first reflected on life within a Hutterite colony in her memoir entitled I am Hutterite. In her children’s book, Make a Rabbit, she has used a Hutterite colony as her setting and tackled an issue that all parents can relate to as their baby makes the transition from baby to toddler. As a former member of the Hutterite community, Kirkby understands her subject matter well and uses her knowledge of their culture to teach her readers about this special group of people that are an important part of our prairie history.

Eddy Hofer is a lovable, rambunctious, curious, child. He is loved not only by his parents, but by the whole Hutterite community where he lives. His personality and emotions are perfectly captured by illustrator Sharon Strand Sigfuson.. She uses her artistic talents to create an endearing, realistic tot.

Eddy is a little boy with a big job ahead of him. He wants so much to be treated like a big boy. Before he can join the ranks of the older children, he has to prove that he is ready to take the next step in his childhood journey. Eddy is prepared to face the biggest challenge of his little life. His mother tells him that in order to officially become a big boy he must pass a certain test. And what is that test? He is instructed on how to make a rabbit or moch eh haselah when he sits on the potty. Eddy carefully listens to his mother’s instructions so that he too, can be a big boy and join the other children who help their fathers in the colony.

With the support and encouragement of his parents, grandmother and other members of his community, he learns that patience and perseverance will eventually accomplish his goal. When Eddy is finally successful, it is a milestone that is celebrated by the whole community. He is rewarded in a special way and moves on with confidence and pride. Eddy is now a big boy!

This special book is a valuable educational tool for parents and will be a welcome addition to any toddler’s library.


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