18 February 2011

by Marny Duncan-Cary and illustrated by Megan Mansbridge
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Review by Karen Lawson
$12.95 ISBN 978-1-894431-10-1

Linger is the first collaborative effort by Marny Duncan-Cary and Megan Mansbridge. Duncan-Cary is song writer and singer from Lumsden and Mansbridge is an accomplished artist. Together they are a winning combination and have created a gem of a book. Although it is a child’s picture book, Linger is one of those heartstring-tugging classics that everyone falls in love with.

The first day of school is an emotional milestone. It is full of excitement and anticipation but also apprehension as your child takes her first flight from the nest. What mother hasn’t shed a tear to see her baby climb the steps of the big orange school bus for the first time and watch it disappear down the road? Duncan-Cary explains why she wrote this book in the foreword; she shares how difficult it was to realize and to acknowledge that her child was becoming independent and was growing up. Duncan-Cary was so overwhelmed by her emotions on that warm, autumn day when her youngest daughter started school that she went home and wrote the song Linger. The song is included on her CD entitled “Reason for Bein'”, and the score for the song is included with the book.

The lyrics to the song Linger translate well into a book. The touching, bittersweet lyrics of Duncan Carey’s song are a perfect complement to the unique illustrations (which are actually images taken of Mansbridge’s sculptures). Mansbridge uses a variety of media and objects in her artwork that creates a dimensional effect that is rich in texture and colour. Anyone familiar with the Qu’Appelle Valley will immediately recognize the landscape. Each page is layered with artistic detail that propels the story forward.

Every parent who reads Linger will immediately relate to the tender meaning behind the words in this tribute to parenthood. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.


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