Jessie the Doo-Doo Dog Goes to the Vet

7 November 2018

Jessie the Doo-Doo Dog Goes to the Vet
by Bill and Jocelyn Hutchinson
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Review by Amanda Zimmerman
$14.95 ISBN 978-1-988783-31-4

Ever wonder what ideas run through a dog’s head during the course of a day? Do they use the words we do or make up their own? What troubles do they have? Get ready for a tail of adventure starring Jessie, her sister Jo-Jo, and their bigger cousins Katcha and Krissy as they get up to all sorts of neighbourhood highjinks in Jessie and the Doo-Doo Dog Goes to the Vet.

In this first book of the series, proudly Canadian husband and wife team, Bill and Jocelyn Hutchinson, leave their politically oriented jobs behind to delve into a wonderfully simple canine world. Jessie is our main Maltipoo and it is through her curious nature and enthusiasm readers are shown how an animal might see a human’s everyday actions. Jessie takes her house dog duties very seriously- with licking Mom awake, going for walks around the neighbourhood, guarding the yard from other furry intruders, and enjoying morning supper to name a few. Her head is always full of doggy questions that she struggles to find answers to. Why is Dad’s morning supper called breakfast? Why don’t Mom and Dad lick faces to say hello? But even with all the things that don’t make sense, Jessie really enjoys being a dog….until she hears the words vet visit. She hasn’t been to the vet since she was very small. What if she needs to get a needle? Is there really a machine that will turn her into sausage?

With an easy seventy-nine pages, brief chapters, and plentiful illustrations (drawn by the authors), young readers are introduced to a basic, pawsitively enjoyable story. There are also tons of little extras inside its pages. A short poem and accompanying illustration starts the book off and other verses begin each chapter. An easy to follow along with map allows us to travel along on dog walks with Jessie and her friends. We’re also given the first few pages of the next Doo-Doo escapade which promises visitors that are literally out of this world!


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