I Can’t Clean My Room!

22 June 2021

I can’t clean my room!
Written and illustrated by Jessica Williams
Published by All Write Here Publishing
Review by Michelle Shaw
ISBN 9781777739300 $11.99

In this whimsical book, Saskatchewan author and illustrator Jessica Williams relates the tale of a little girl with a wild imagination. And, even though this is clearly a children’s book, as the mother of a teenager whose room is also more than a little chaotic, I find it very relatable.

The story is a familiar one. Josephine’s father enters his daughter’s room at bedtime to find a big mess. He can’t understand it and asks his daughter specific questions about the state of her room and her toys. But Josephine has a perfectly logical reason (to her mind at least) for each of her father’s dismayed observations.

She can’t pick her books up for instance because “the fairies will yell. They’re practicing reading and learning to spell.” As for her laundry, she can’t possibly fold it because “the gnomes would be shocked, and what will they wear if they can’t find my socks?”

The story is so original and entertaining. The Illustrations are playful and the little girl with the gap-toothed smile will capture your heart. I especially love the way Jessica uses the space of each page so beautifully. All the elements — the colors, different typefaces and captivating illustrations — combine to tell the story so effectively.

Jessica knows the enchantment of stories very well. “Books held a place of importance in my home growing up and it is those stories that have inspired me to write. Stories with memorable characters, stories with captivating illustrations full of emotion and character, stories filled with nonsense, stories with beautiful rhymes…Books imprint themselves on a childhood and create lasting ties to emotions and memories.”

Jessica’s other children’s books include You can’t invite a fish to a dance party; My Koala doesn’t take baths; Scaredy Cali and Sleeping Brilliant. I can’t clean my room is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.

See more of Jessica’s work at www.jessicawilliamsonpaper.com


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