Honey Trouble

4 April 2013

Honey Trouble
by Dianne Young Illustrated by a.e. matheson
Reviewed by Michelle Shaw
Published by aemworks Publishing
$7.95 ISBN 978-0-9784974-1-5

Six-year-old Josie is sent to the store to buy some honey for her mother. She is convinced that she will remember what to buy because she has cleverly worked out a way to jog her memory.

Happily she sets out and along the way meets various neighborhood friends. But, as she becomes involved in their escapades and predicaments, she forgets what her mother wanted her to buy. Her friends try to help her remember but are they right?

This is a clever little story for young readers who are just starting to read chapter books. The plot is straightforward and humorous with characters and situations that young children will relate to. Young uses simple words with lots of repetition and rhyme, but there are enough slightly more difficult words sprinkled in to stretch the beginning reader. A.E. Matheson’s simple line drawings complement the story and use continuity to encourage a young reader to keep turning the pages!

This is Dianne Young’s fourth children’s book. She lives in Martensville, Saskatchewan and works as an educational assistant in a preschool for children with special needs. Dianne has recently published her fifth book Dear Flyary. Saskatoon-based illustrator A.E.Matheson is involved in almost every aspect of books from writing and illustrating to mending and publishing.

Honey Trouble was originally published in 2001 and was republished by aemworks Publishing.


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