Herstory 2014

31 October 2013

Herstory 2014: The Canadian Women’s Calendar
by The Saskatoon Women’s Calendar Collective
Published by Coteau Books
Reviewed by Jackie Blakely
$15.95 ISBN 9781550505566

Herstory 2014: The Canadian Women’s Calendar offers a wonderful collection of stories highlighting the achievements of Canadian women throughout Canadian history. Each vignette in the calendar is crafted to bring to life each woman’s experience and influence, through thoughtful reflections on each of its subjects. From writers to artists and athletes, this compilation of women’s history is proof of the strength of Canadian women and their involvement in creating a great nation.

This book is so much more than a functional calendar. It is a documentary of women’s stories that might otherwise be lost over time. Stories such as that of Annie Hanley, the first female council member in Nelson, British Columbia, a nurse, a teacher, a writer and a scholar, populate the pages and bring to life a Canadian history rich in feminine energy.

The women profiled in the calendar come from all walks of life and various nationalities and backgrounds. Their impacts are felt from Canada’s historical inception to present day, and their stories are told to highlight their contributions.

Stories are accompanied by photos and there are many samples of work of those profiled – from artwork and poetry to cartoons – sprinkled throughout the calendar. A joy to read daily, this calendar offers purposeful reflection to each day.

Originally published in 1974, Herstory: The Canadian Women’s Calendar continues to celebrate women’s place in the Canadian landscape. And each woman highlighted is but a reflection of the strength, endurance and success that Canadian women have instilled into the fabric of Canada.


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  • Joan Weitman 4 November 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Have always loved this calendar as a gift (and have also received one throughout the years). I was just at Chapters, and could not find this calendar. Could you advise what bookstores in Winnipeg carry this book (and if Chapters will have it in later this month) None of staff had even heard of it !