Ghosts of Government House

10 August 2011

Ghosts of Government House
by Judith Silverthorne
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Review by Jessica Bickford
$9.95 978-1-894431-63-7

Ghosts of Government House follows Sam and J.J., two young girls living in Regina, as they explore an integral building in this city’s history. Most people who have lived in Regina for a while will have probably been to Government House at some point, whether for tea, a tour, or any of the special events throughout the year. It is a special place, made even more special by the supposed haunting.

Sam and J.J. make repeated visits to Government House trying to find out just who (or what) might be making mysterious things happen in the historical building. With the help of tour guides, the commissionaire, and Grandma Louise, the girls must prove to Sam’s older brother Gabe that the ghosts are real, or be forced to stay inside and out of trouble for two whole weeks! But the girls get even more than they imagined when they manage to not only see, but talk to some of the ghosts haunting the rooms and hallways of Government House.

Grandma Louise helps the girls to overcome their fears, both about the ghosts and the loss felt when a family member passes away. The girls work together to prove to Gabe that the ghosts are really there, and to help the ghosts from different time periods meet up so that they won’t be so lonely spending the afterlife all by themselves.

Ghosts of Government House uses real stories of staff experiences along with some creative interpretation to tell a great story about a real piece of Regina history. And take it from someone who spent a few years in the darkened museum and back offices of Government House – there really is something mysterious going on in that building.


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