Germy Johnson’s Secret Plan

2 March 2012

Germy Johnson’s Secret Plan
by Alison Lohans
Illustrations by A.E. Matheson
Published by aemworks Publishing
Review by Michelle Shaw
$7.95 ISBN 978-0-9784974-0-8

Germy (JJ) Johnson is facing a serious predicament. His Great Aunt Pru is coming for a long visit. She’s old and smells like medicine. Her false teeth click when she talks and sometimes she takes them out to surprise people. It’s not funny! Those false teeth give him nightmares…literally. Worst of all, she’s staying in his bedroom and he’s now forced to share a room with his baby sister, Jessica.

JJ is determined to find a way to force Aunt Pru to leave and his new kitten gives him a brilliant idea. Germs…the ultimate weapon! What if Aunt Pru became deathly ill? Then she’d have to leave.

JJ embarks on a quest to infest Aunt Pru with all the germs he can find. Which isn’t as easy he thought and earns himself a not-so-pleasant nickname along the way.

Germy Johnson’s Secret Plan was first published in 1992 and was widely used in grade three classrooms across Canada. When it went out of print, the author, award-winning Regina-based Alison Lohans, kept getting requests for it. So she decided to reissue it.

I loved the story. It’s an easy-to-read chapter book for early readers and JJ, the main character, is engaging and delightfully true-to-life. Lohans’ colourful descriptions and vivid sound effects help to envelop the reader in JJ’s world with all its youthful enthusiasm and fervour.

I have no doubt that the reissue of Germy Johnson’s Secret Plan will captivate a whole new collection of readers.


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