Bee Yourself

26 June 2012

Bee Yourself
by Kerry Sather and illustrated by David Mark
Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Review by Gail Jansen
$19.95 978-1-894431-66-8

At one time or another, most of us will have looked in the mirror and wished we were “someone new,” especially as children, where one look around the schoolyard could often have us seeing others who seemed to be more talented, more attractive, and smarter than we could ever hope to be.

That’s why first time children’s author Kerry Sather’s book Bee Yourself offers both parents and children alike a wonderful opportunity to see for themselves that sometimes just “beeing” yourself is the best thing around.

Taking you on a fun whimsical flight around the countryside, Bee Yourself shows you, through the eyes of a quirky little bee, that every creature has an upside and a downside to its existence and that truly, no one is perfect.

Complemented by David Mark’s wonderful illustrations that showcase the imagination of a little bee as it tries on different personalities and personae, you’ll laugh out loud when you see what a bee would look like dressed up as a butterfly,a frog, a bird, a bunny, and more. The hilarity includes an image of a little bee with the matter of fact stare of an enormous moose. Bee Yourself is a great book suitable to children of all ages; its simple rhymes and rhythms will have children knowing exactly where to jump in for the book’s signature line, aiding beginning readers in recognizing words, and engaging younger children who are not yet at reading level, to join in.

It also offers parents a great opportunity to use the book as a tool to help build their child’s self esteem, by opening up the discussion on how their child views themselves and others, and by helping them to identify where their own special talents and abilities lie.

Being a child in today’s over-achieving world can be daunting, but with Bee Yourself, children and parents alike will learn, that everyone has something to offer that makes them unique. Sometimes you just need to take a moment to stop and recognize them.


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