Regina’s Warehouse District – Bricks and Mortar – Pride and Passion
Biographies Regina / 7 August 2013

Regina’s Warehouse District: Bricks and Mortar – Pride and Passion edited by Richard Wood, et al Published by Biographies Regina Review by Keith Foster $24.95 ISBN 978-0-9731523-5-7 If walls could talk, what tales they’d tell. And if ghosts could speak, what stories they’d share. Regina’s Warehouse District: Bricks and Mortar – Pride and Passion is a collection of historical accounts of the flesh and blood people who lived or worked in Regina’s Warehouse District from early days to the present. It includes the story of James Strathdee, a prominent Regina wholesaler who was found dead with a bullet in his neck and whose ghost is purported to continue to haunt the building that bears his name. Published by Biographies Regina, this book includes “biographies” of buildings and businesses as well as people. It evolved from material compiled by 28 researchers and writers, edited by four editors headed by Richard Wood, who coordinated this massive undertaking. This book is an eye-opener for anyone who thinks they know Regina’s history. Running at more than 280 pages, it consists of sixty bite-size chapters that make easy reading. Each chapter is followed by a list of sources. The book overflows with fascinating factual tidbits….