Emir’s Falcon, The
Shadowpaw Press / 30 August 2023

The Emir’s Falconby Matt HughesPublished by Shadowpaw Press PremiereReview by Toby A. Welch$18.99 ISBN 9781989398319 The Emir’s Falcon is a fascinating story from page one to its gratifying conclusion. It centres around Skyrider, a peregrine falcon that university student Bernie has been tending to at a Canadian Wildlife Service facility. Bernie learns that the Government of Canada has decided to give Skyrider to the son of a Persian Gulf emir as a diplomatic gift. To say Bernie isn’t thrilled with the decision is a massive understatement.  I appreciated that this book was told from three different points of view, keeping things spicy. You have Bernie, the young biologist-in-training who is attempting to save Skyrider from what he sees as a horrific fate. Then there’s petroleum engineering student Nasur, the emir’s son. Rounding out the trio is Rosie, a fascinating Métis woman whose main goal in life seems to be day-to-day survival. As the chapters bounce from one to the others and back again, Hughes does a superb job of telling this unique story from so many angles.  The aspect of this book that I loved most is that we are exposed to aspects of three diverse cultures. There’s the young man…

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