Sock Momster, The and Hunting With My Dad
Home Style Teachers / 9 November 2023

The Sock MomsterWritten by Mari Lemieux, Illustrated by Mario VianiPublished by Home Style Teachers$25.00 ISBN 9781778152917 Hunting With My DadWritten by Patty Torrance, Illustrated by Putut PutriPublished by Home Style Teachers$20.00 ISBN 9781998218028 Reviews by Shelley A. Leedahl Have an idea for a children’s book, perhaps featuring your own family members or pets? These days, with numerous self-publishing companies available to help new authors navigate the steps toward seeing their own work in print, there are perhaps more books than ever out there vying for coveted space in a child’s collection of titles. One of the best reasons to self-publish is that the whole process can happen quickly. With traditional publishers, writers can wait years to hear back about a manuscript (only to receive a rejection), or receive an acceptance and then have to wait years for the book to be released: I had a book accepted by a reputable trade book publisher in 2012, and it was released in 2019. Home Style Teachers is a Saskatchewan-based publisher that offers self-publishing services, including finding an illustrator for the story, if the author desires. It is the brainchild of Ashley Vercammen, whose own diverse, illustrated children’s books are included in Home…